To the best of my abilities, I have collected various resources, both physically and digitally, on Avar. Some are certainly more useful than others and if I am able to provide any feedback on them, that feedback will be found directly under the resource in question. My heartfelt thanks to all those who have climbed this mountain before me – without your perseverance and skill, this site would never exist.

Teaching Materials

  1. Reinhold Greisbach's Awarisch site (German)
  2. Zhiguli's posts on UniLang (English)
    An overview of some of the various cases, plus, unfortunately, a lot of dead links.
  3. Avar audio textbook (Avar, with partial English and Russian translations)
  4. Самочитель Аварского Языка by Ataev (Russian)
  5. Аварский язык. Урок 1 from ННТ (Russian)


  1. A reader in Avar by an unknown author from a Caucausology department at a university in Georgia (Georgian)
  2. Gilles Authier's reader from the Leiden Summer School for Linguistics (English)
  3. Дугъричил МуртазагIали's LiveJournal page (Russian)
    The LiveJournal also has a lot of small bits of the Rubiayat of Rumi translated into Avar and Russian


  1. Charachidzé's grammar, Grammaire de la Langue Avar
    Based on the Hunzakh dialect spoken in Turkey, which is similar to standard Avar.
  2. The seemingly very comprehensive Avar langauge Wikipedia page on Avar (Avar)
  3. Аварский Язык by Alekseev and Ataev (Russian)
  4. Pavel Rudnov's thesis on dependency and discourse-configurationality in Avar (English)
    Contains a grammatical sketch at the beginning of the thesis which can be rather techinical, but does provide a concise sketch. There is a convenient set of diagrams of verb derivation in Appendix B.
  5. Grammar section in the back of Аварско-Русский Словарь by Жирков (Russian)
  6. Cyril Graham's article from the 1800s (English)
  7. Diana Forker's Avar Grammar Sketch in Handbook of Caucasian Languages (English)
  8. Magomed Magomedov's forthcoming Grammar of Avar (English)


There are certainly more print dictionaries than listed here. Please let me know of any not on this list.

  1. (Russian)
  2. (Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic)
  3. Аварско-Русский Словарь by Жирков (Russian)


  1. This conversation with an Avar speaking woman (Azeri)
  2. Website of the now defunct Radio Europa broadcast in Avar (Avar)
  3. Baltoslav Avar corpus
  4. Dmitry Ganenkov's Avar corpus (English)